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We take great care in satisfying you as our customer and try our best to give you the support. If you have any questions or suggestions, most likely you can find the solution on our website. And never hesitate to let us know all about that.


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Q: I've created some special painting strokes in Wizardbrush. How can I use this transparent layers created by Wizardbrush on other software such as Photoshop?
A: You should save the picture in a format which can preserve the alpha channel information. Set the layers you want to use to be visible only first. Use the menu item <Save as> to save the picture as a TGA and TIFF image file. Remember to set the option "alpha channel" on. Now you can open this alpha-channel TGA and TIFF image file in other image processing software as a transparent layer.

Q: Why can't I enter printing interface?
A: You can enter printing interface only if you have installed a printer driver.

Q: Why can't I see any difference while adjusting stylus option?
A: That option is for pressure sensitive tablet. You have to plug a WINTAB standard compliant tablet to use the function. To get a tablet hardware, please contact the venders such as WACOM.

Q: My brush only draw some kind of pattern. Does the palette stop working?
A: It is normal. There is a dropdown list on the bottom of palette windows. You can choose to draw pure color or different pattern there.

Q: Is what we get after purchase the same as the demo we download from your site?
A: Not exactly. What you get after your purchase is a full functioned one and with much more tutorial clips and a bigger art library bundled in.

Q: After using the eraser, I got area with gray and white blocks in. What is that?
A: There are two modes for eraser, erasing to background color or to transparency. You seem to use the transparent eraser. It erases that area to transparency. The image layer will be visible in this area, if you have a layer behind it. If this is the last layer, it will show you these blocks.

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