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-- an art software for kids.


Operating System Supported

* Windows: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
* Mac OS X
* Apple iPad
* Linux: Ubuntu, Meego, Moblin, Debian

Disk Space Requirement

Note: Disk space requirements are for the base installation. Obviously, as you create and save more pictures, more disk space will be used.

o Windows: Approx. 100MB
o Mac OS X: Approx. 100MB
o Apple iPad: Approx. 100MB
o Linux: Approx. 100MB
Minimum Recommended CPU

* Windows: Pentium
* Mac OS X: ...
* Linux: ...
Peripheral Requirements

* Monitor: 800x600 or higher; 1024x768 recommended
* Video Card: Capable of 800x600, 16bpp (thousands of colors) or better; 1024x768 or better, 24bpp recommended
* Mouse: One button mouse or better; scrollwheel supported, but not required; (any device that acts as a mouse is supported, e.g.: touchscreen, drawing tablet, tablet PC, trackball, lightpen, etc.)

** With Wintab-compatible tablet, you can draw much better. We recommend WACOM pressure-sensitive draing tablet.
Memory (RAM) Requirements

* At default resolution (1024x768)
o Windows: Approx. 40MB free
o Mac OS X: Approx. 40MB free
o Linux: Approx. 40MB free
* At smallest resolution (800x600)
o Windows: Approx. 32MB free
o Mac OS X: Approx. 32MB free
o Linux: Approx. 32MB free
* At very-large resolution (1680x1050)
o Windows: Approx. 150MB free
o Mac OS X: Approx. 150MB free
o Linux: Approx. 150MB free

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