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Codememo (Palm version)

  Codememo , a password and personal information manager, is very easy to use. It saves information from credit card account to website password which you will use everyday.


All the data saved in this application is encrypted for maximum protection. The application will also quit by itself automatically when the power is off, which prevents others see you information.


Download free trial of Photogather for Palm
Free Download
Version 1.5.0
built on 2007.9.27

Register Photogather for Palm for only $19.99
19.99$ to buy


Highly customizable
Besides plenty of predefined information type, you can also create your own data type and labels.

Tungsten dynamic input area and rotation supported
Take advantage of that feature of Tungsten series.

Clie's silkscreen supported
Take advantage of that feature of Sony Clie devices.

Tungsten and Treo 5-way navigation supported
You can scroll the view of large picture with one finger on Tungsten.



Palm OS 3.3 at least

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